Caravelle 2.5 TDI 2008 Model

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Caravelle 2.5 TDI 2008 Model

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<t>Good day<br/>
The last week or so when I accelerate my caravelle is shaking and trembling a lot. Mostly while still gaining speed. When I release the accelerator pedal everything is back to normal. Also when I drive over a speed hump there is a clunking sound. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Mike</t>
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Re: Caravelle 2.5 TDI 2008 Model

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If you have a dual mass flywheel thats your suspect. Same issue with my 1.9tdi polo. Replaced it with ABF solid flywheel and a VR6 clutch. Also check your CV joints and boots.

Check your suspension at any garage. They will give you the list of what needs to be replaced. I used VW rear control arm bushes for the comfort and the rest of the stuff from Goldwagon..

The DMF and suspension dont come cheap!
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Re: Caravelle 2.5 TDI 2008 Model

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MSD already wrote much of what I wanted to say, but here goes anyway.

Check all bushings and fasteners on the suspension and on the engine mounts.

If you're careful, you can block the non-driven wheels (apply handbrake firmly and add some blocks), start the engine and have a helper give short pulls, using careful clutching in first and reverse gear, to put some torque on the engine mounts and suspension. You can then observe all the mounts, bushings etc. from above and below. (Safety first!!! Use a trustworthy helper!)

Secondly, check the CV joints for play. I had similar shaking under acceleration, and it was a worn inner CV (didn't cause any clunks, though).
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Re: Caravelle 2.5 TDI 2008 Model

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also that bus has two centre propshaft bearings. The diapraghm fails and you get that shaking.
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