Belt Tensioner Shock

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Belt Tensioner Shock

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Morning All

I've got a very reliable Jetta MK4 1.9 TDI,last year around July i replaced the Poly Belt Tensioner Assembly(bought from VW Benoni Citi) after it broke not sure how so last weekend after a attending a funeral in Mpumalanga did a quick stop @ N1 Total Petroport i noticed a strange sound coming frm the engine & on opening the bonnet there again the Belt Tensioner shock was broken so the sound was coming from it leaning towards the pulley so i switched it off and pushed it backwards so it doesnt touch the upper pulley of the serpentine belt,so i'm trying to find out if anyone has this kind of a problem on their TDI MK4 or it's just mine?

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Re: Belt Tensioner Shock

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*touch wood*
I haven't had this problem on mine, and haven't heard or read of it either.
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Re: Belt Tensioner Shock

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not common no. Just replace it.
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