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hi every one im in need of some advise.
please give me advice on how to do a ABF 2l to his max wile running a turbo GTX 42 i dont want to harm the rurbo and what cams aswell please any advice will help.
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Re: mk2

Post by PapaJo »

Standard ABF perform well when used in a turbo application.

I would be more worried about hurting internals like conrods in a turbo application. You will need to drop compression ratio too and likely fit different pistons.

A GTX 42 is too big for a 2L motor for everyday street use, drag application with loads of mods yes.

You don't provide any other specs of the turbo, nor any other supplementary parts. A turbo alone will not make huge power without the supporting mods and other parts. It is a combination thereof.

Difficult to determine what is your main goal or reason for a GTX 42 as the choice. If you are thinking of building the same type of motor as what Boba motorsport Vampir16V has, you will need a gold mine to fund such a build.
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