Polo 9n3 1.4 BLM - Engine needs an overhaul... Maybe...

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Polo 9n3 1.4 BLM - Engine needs an overhaul... Maybe...

Post by ThoriMoMo » Fri Sep 13, 2019 3:29 pm

Hi guys and gals

A bit of a backstory: I recently got my hands on a blue 2005 VW Polo 9n3 1.4 8v as a daily and in all honesty it wasn't a great car to begin with (code 3) but that is not a problem for me as I want to use it as a learning platform for fixing stuff and something to have fun with (it was cheap so why not, i needed a car quick :oops: ) . I could list out all the things wrong with it and tackle what I can as time goes on but now a problem has risen that I have to tackle as if it goes on any longer it will be bigger than it's supposed to be.

So the engine has developed a chattering and knocking sound not long after I got the car and it became apparent to me that maybe a rod bearing might be on its way out. I confirmed it when I had to change the oil sump gasket (oil started leaking on the exhaust manifold and it just smokes like there's a fire under the bonnet) and there was metal flakes as well as silicon residue on the bottom of the oil pan and on the oil pick up (which is still intact thankfully). My heart sank after seeing that but I couldn't just take the car out of service as I still have to use it to get to work so I closed it up and started adding thicker oil just to keep it constantly lubricated for the time being until I can do something about it.

So my question(s) is:
1) What is the best course of action to take with the engine with getting it sorted?
2) What could be the cost of the repairs and possible replacements of parts?
3) Where can I get it done (hopefully reputably and at a reasonable cost, budget is tight) and how long could it take?
4) Would it be better to just get a new engine or sub assembly (there is a reason why i ask this specifically)?

In regards to point 4 there is actual damage to the block, as in one of the bolt holes that holds the gearbox to the block actually sheared off so I'm not sure if that is a major issue or not but I'd rather be safe than sorry. Other issues with the engine include irregular idle (I believe the timing is off), it goes through coolant every two weeks, sounds like there is a vacuum leak, someone whoever they may be actually used gasket sealant with the head gasket and with the exhaust manifold so I'm not comfortable with that thought in my mind that anything can happen (September Friday the 13th at the time of posting :crazy: , just kidding). I'm glad the engine isn't smoking at least if that counts for something.

Sorry for the long winded opener, just wanted to get everything out there engine mechanics wise and see where to go possibly. I currently reside in Centurion so anything around there and Pretoria would work. Thank you for taking time to look through this and any help and advice will be taken under consideration. Its my first post on the forum, so I'm definitely gonna take some shots but hey we learn in the process. Hopefully I will post more things in future when the Polo becomes an actual project in future (yes that will happen lol).
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Re: Polo 9n3 1.4 BLM - Engine needs an overhaul... Maybe...

Post by Ashveer03 » Mon Sep 16, 2019 1:08 am

Rebuild what u have, it will cost less than buying another engine, imports sell for about 18k in Durban not sure about jhb.
Even if u spend 18k on an import, u still need to freshen it up which could cost another +-5k, not forgetting the headache of engine clearance.

Silicone on a head gasket is funny, lol.

If possible post a Pic of the broken off thread on the block. If u have the broken off piece then it probably can be repaired

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