MK2 GOLF VR6 2.8 24V BDE build

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MK2 GOLF VR6 2.8 24V BDE build

Post by minehunter1979 » Wed Sep 11, 2019 5:52 pm

Good day.
I have a golf mk 2 jumbo 1990 gti big bumper fully restored body and 80% interior as well as the underneath and more.
I bought a BDE VR6 2.8 24V import engine coming out of the UK FROM A GOLF 4.

In the next few weeks please assist me in my questions.
# 1. Has anyone done this build?
# 2. What engine mountings will work between BDE engine and standard GOLF Mk2 engine bay? I still have my original mk2's.
# 3. With the electronic Throttle Body, How should i go about it? Should i change acceleration pedal (Electronic and which car and how does that work) or should & will a AAA VR6 throttle body work with the cable and this way don't have to change my pedals.
#4. I want to take off the tappet cover cause it needs a good polish. Does Goldwagon or vw stock gasgets for this engine cover or will the R32 one fit ? (Already took of intake manifold)
#5. Where can i find a wiring harness / engine loom for this BDE VR6 2.8 24V?
#6. Should i go aftermarket (Spitronics/ Dicktator) and how does it work to control all the sensors and things?
#7. Or should i find original ECU?

Oh and by the way. Did i mention i am not a mechanic.
I am in Cape Town. Is there anyone that can assist me to get this project on the road or just advise me in my questions?
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MK2 GOLF VR6 2.8 24V BDE build

Post by jaredm » Thu Sep 12, 2019 5:52 pm

Interested to see how this turns out. I’m keen on doing a similar swap on my mk2 at some stage. Will probably go the 12v route though.

Watch this, some great info on the conversion. ... qGJFKBErlJ

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