Double Din options - S3 8L ?

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Double Din options - S3 8L ?

Post by P1LAYA-ZN » Fri Aug 16, 2019 12:45 pm

Good Day gents,

Ok, so planning to do a double din conversion on my AMk S3 8L which came with asingle Din.
Now, I managed to source a double din centre console with Climate Control of a BAM that was getting stripped.
So now, I need to find a trim plate first, will a double din trim plate of a B6 A4 work, it looks very similar to me.
Shouldn't be too hard to strip and change the consoles, however my Climate control is in much better condition, so I may have to trim mines and use mine on the Double din console. The shape is very slightly different cos the placement on the console is different.

Then finally I need to find a good Double din DVD, Media Player.
I have seen Pioneer's are going cheaper than the Sony and JVC.
Which is a good option here ?
I don't think Pioneer is as good as they were in the past, same goes for Nakamichi.
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