golf 1 not starting

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golf 1 not starting

Post by jason=JAKE » Fri Aug 10, 2018 2:12 pm

Hi guys. ive got a golf 1 1.3 1989. Ever since I got it it gave troubles, usually I fix it my self but one issue I cant fix. in random moments the car just wont start. I turn the key, but nothing, no noise no crank not even a click. its not a dead battery, checked a thousand times. the only way to start is to connect a wire directly from the battery to the starter. Ive replaced the carb, the starting coil the ignition module. ive got new spark plugs with new distr cap and wires. ive checked the electronic chocked and everything is fine. I am stuck with this issue. Any help would be amazing :hug:
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Re: golf 1 not starting

Post by panic-mechanic » Fri Aug 10, 2018 7:48 pm

ignition switch mos likely. At that stage take a voltmeter and test the output at the starter solenoid. IE the smaller of the 2 wires. If there is not 12v then either the ignition switch is not letting it happen or the immobiliser is not letting it happen. If you can jump it at the starter then it means all that other stuff is working but the Signal to the solenoid is not.
if there appears to be some voltage then maybe first try adding a relay into that curcuit to see if it helps.
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