Polo Vivo 1.4 Trendline Service kit

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Polo Vivo 1.4 Trendline Service kit

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Good day,

I would like to find out a few things regarding my service that is coming up on my 2013 Polo Vivo 1.4 Trendline

Car is currently @ 78k but yearly service is next month and I have now read that VW recommends 5w40 oil for all their cars.

Is it necessary for 5w40? I have bought stuff from goldwagen Klerksdorp for my last two services and they supplied me with Valvoline oil, not sure if it was 5w40 but it sure wasn't that expensive.

Then I installed the recommended NGK plugs they supplied but after a month or so I felt a slight jerk when between 3000rpm and 4000rpm then I went and got bosch plugs installed that and so far so good. What is the best plugs and oil to use in the Vivo?

On 60000km I did plugs, oil, polen filter, fuel filter, oil, filter and air filter. Then on last year's service I just did oil and oil filter. Am I correct in saying that every two years you have to do them all and on the odd years you just do oil and oil filter?

So for this 78k service I need:
Oil (5w40? what brand?)
Plugs (Bosch or NGK?)
Oil, Air, Fuel, Pollen (Specific brand?)

Anything else I need to check?

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