Polo vivi head gasket kit

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Polo vivi head gasket kit

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hi guys
please can i get a price on a polo vivo 1.4 head gasket kit

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Re: Polo vivi head gasket kit

Post by Unobeat »

There is no kit readily available off the shelf.

The steps below is if you will be doing the work yourself:
1. Head needs to stripped off(but first coolant & oil needs to be drained)
2. Take head to engineers for a recon and pressure tested
3. New HD, service kit(filters, oil + plugs- timing belt and tensioner depending on condition) and head bolts purchase from spares shop
4. Check condition of Thermostat and Water pump(replace if old)
5. Fetch head from engineers
6. Start assembly of everything
7. Have your torque settings and torque wrench
8. Service the motor and do a radiator flush
9. make sure timing on the spot by turning the motor twice and start the car while keeping the radiator cap open
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