Bosch MED9 tuning features 2.0

We offer new world software development for Fiat ,VAG ,Opel and many makes of models
User Adjustable launch control
Flatfoot shifting
Big turbo upgrades
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Bosch MED9 tuning features 2.0

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Special tuning features are now available for any VAG car which is equipped with Bosch MED9 system

* Multimap switch
You have up to 4 extra programs in the ECU. It can be switched via CC or via brake and gas pedals combination.
e.x Audi S3 2.0TFSi
mapset 1 -> Stock
mapset 2 -> 95oct 320hp
mapset 3 -> 100oct 380hp
mapset 4 -> 100+meth 420hp (or E85)
In the mapsets we can custom tune anything you may like, the above is just an example
The feedback of the selected mapset each time can be done via tachometer or MIL/EPC light blinking

* user adjustable Antilag - Launch Control
- We can set soft Launch Control with ignition cut or hard Launch Control via ignition retard
- The user adjustable option works like this: in 4sec you have to push 2 times the brake pedal and 3 times the clutch pedal, MIL blinks and ECU comes to Launch RPM set-up, push gas pedal to raise the RPM to desired and then push brake to store it.

* Shift light with EPC lamp
We can set the shiftligh blinks independently for each gear, ex:
1st @ 7100
2nd @ 7100
3rd @ 6900
4th @ 6800

* Flatshift (known as No Lift to Shift)
We can set it with ignition retard and ignition cut
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