2014 Porsche GT3 Alcantara Ink Stain Removal

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2014 Porsche GT3 Alcantara Ink Stain Removal

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forgot about this one..Got a frantic call from Porsche SA. Brand new gt3 with alcantara leather seat stain with permanent marker..negligent valet guy sat on the seat with the marker in his back pocket.
Guys wanted to use thinners to remove it in their panic. Car was locked up and key taken away. I could only get to the car 2 days later which meant that the ink would have dried up nicely.
If I could not sort it out it would have meant replacing the seat at a cost of R130k.

Tools, Swissvax Alacantara cleaner, Soft bristle leather brush, plenty clean mf cloths, compressed air, vaccum
Yes you read correctly...having run out of AF Total and not wanting to mess with APC dilutions, I found my old bottle of sv cleaner.
With the stain left for 2 days, i needed to be sure that i didnt cause more damage by going too strong with apc dilutions hence me reaching for a ready to use product. I am sure an apc mixture would work but when one is not sure why go though all the stress of figuring out what dilutions to use when you can just reach for a ready to use product.

1. Area around the stain vaccuumed
2. Alcantara cleaner misted onto the stain and left to dwell for a couple minutes
3. Using mf cloths continue to blot the stain to transfer the ink from the leather onto the cloth...Do not rub
4. Area dried with compressed air
5. Using the leather brush lightly brush the stain working from the outside of the stain inward. Note: you do not want to brush the area in any manner as this could cause the ink to spread to other areas.
6. Repeat steps 2 to 5

And here is the result:


For a more indepth read on cleaning your Alcantara leather using AF Total and general leather cleaning guide, please see the following links
http://www.autofinesse.co.uk/portfolio/ ... ing-guide/
http://www.autofinesse.co.uk/portfolio/ ... ing-guide/
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Re: 2014 Porsche GT3 Alcantara Ink Stain Removal

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I would have cried, awesome turn around!
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Re: 2014 Porsche GT3 Alcantara Ink Stain Removal


:eek: :eek:
good job !!!!
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