Jetta MK3 CLX 1.8 power loss when car is warm

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Jetta MK3 CLX 1.8 power loss when car is warm

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Good day guys,

Im having trouble with my jetta mk3 wondering if there is any anyone that can point me in the right direction.

I did a engine swop on my Jetta mk3 1.6 carb to 1.8i changed loom and ecu to oem specs.
I ran into issues with immo and bought a decoded ecu polocup 2.0l and everything was fine until i recently im having a problems with the car.
When the car is cold it drives fine with about 70% of the power, car for some reason heats up faster than it supposed too like 5 minutes into driving and as soon as it reaches 70 degrees on the temp gauge it instantly looses power an like it goes into a limp mode and fan goes on and car doesnt cool down at all. And when car gets cold everything goes back too normal and the above process begins again.

Car drives for 3 days being fine with 70% of the power and then goes into this limp mode.

Ive replaced temp switch, MAP sensor, Fuel pump and regulator, Ive clean the tb aswell.
If i pull the MAP sensor connector while car is idling car continue idling the same, same goes for the temp sensor connector. And these are all new sensors.

i would appreciate any help or if someone could point me in the right direction.
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