Polo Vivo - Headlight switch panel

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Polo Vivo - Headlight switch panel

Post by darrylavid »

Hi all,

Long story short, some moron (i.e. me) tried to clean some old adhesive off this plastic panel using (acetone free) nail polish remover. It has obviously ruined the plastic on this panel as you can see in the image:

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hGuWwm ... sp=sharing

It looks worse in real life!

My question is whether this panel (not the light switch) is a replaceable / removable part and if not - any suggestions on how to make this look less terrible?

e.g. sanding it down, some kind of lacquer....

I am pretty clueless with this kind of thing.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Polo Vivo - Headlight switch panel

Post by VAG Fan »

I wouldn't sand it, as that would reduce the texture of the plastic.

If it were mine, I'd tape off the surrounding area and the switch itself, then apply some satin black spray paint - not directly, but rather spray the paint onto a small ball of soft, lint-free rag and then "massage" the paint into the area, almost like applying wax to furniture, using small, circular movements and some dabbing, and stop before it's completely dry or sticky.
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