VW Touran low compression

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VW Touran low compression

Post by sebastianvg »

Hi Folks

I am, unfortunately, losing faith with feedback from mechanics near me, and hoping to getting some advice here.

I have a Touran 2013 1.4 TSI. The car started leaking oil and was taken for an inspection at mechanic A who suggested that the turbo and the sump was leaking and needed the turbo replacement, along with sump seals. I then contacted mechanic B who replaced the entire turbo and sump seals less than a year ago. This was done by a "reputable" franchise. Mechanic B has inspected the car and did a compression test. The results are:

cyl 1 - 80psi
cyl 2 - 120psi
cyl 3 - 120psi
cyl 4 - 90psi

They are stating that no oil is leaking from the turbo and are suggesting that oil is in the breathing system due to low sump compression or low cylinder comp and need to start by replacing the PCV valve.

Mechanic A suggests that this assumption is strange as there are no symptoms of engine noise, misfiring or smoking at all. They suggest cleaning all the air pipes and flushing the intercooler to confirm the leaks.

Would appreciate any further advise or opinions on this as I need to decide a way forward. Thanks
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