Windscreen scratch

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Windscreen scratch

Post by Farhad1 »

As luck would have it, the wiper rubber came off during a storm and now the windscreen has a thick scratch.

Any idea what can I use to remove this?
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Re: Windscreen scratch

Post by Belix »

I've heard of people using a DA and light compound for light scratches. I've also got a scratch from the windscreen wipers, but no DA to try it out.
Thought I might try just with a drill and pad and see what happens...

Or maybe try these guys?
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Re: Windscreen scratch

Post by VAG Fan »

I think most of this comes down to using the right compound. Glass is hard. To my knowledge, it requires a dedicated cutting compound and polish.
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Re: Windscreen scratch

Post by V6 Capri »

Cerium Oxide is apparently what you use on the glass to get fine scratches and marks out.
Glass "polish" is just to remove hard water spots and imbedded dirt.
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