Polo 9n starter motor issues

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Polo 9n starter motor issues

Post by klausccroth » Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:35 pm

Hello all!

Had an issue two weeks back when suddenly the car wouldn't start - starter would not turn. After some checking realized that the solenoid didnt seem to be working.

Checked the power to the solenoid and to the solenoid trigger wire and both were getting 12V when they should, so I blamed the solenoid and bought a new starter from GW (unfortunately this was a WAG starter as my 1.6l BAH engine for some reason has a 1.4l 16V starter motor - this based on part numbers. GW don't have a Bosch for the 1.4 16v).

The car now starts, but, it takes ages to start. The starter whines away but the engine but doesn't want to catch. Especially in the mornings.

Now today, turned the key and nothing. Starter didn't turn. Just like before. Finally after a couple attempts the starter decided to turn and I got going.

I'm confused. Am I the victim of a [email protected] WAG starter, or have I missed something with my original diagnosis?

Thanks guys.
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