GOLF 5 Boosting problem

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GOLF 5 Boosting problem

Post by mukwevho » Tue Feb 20, 2018 8:47 am

I have a 2005 Golf 5 TDI 2.0

The Problem I have is, most of the time when I drive on the highway when I accelerate for overtaking or something, at about 3500rpm the power just cuts. Its literally gone. When I put my foot down completely it doesn't do anything, even if I gear down it doesn't do anything. When this happens and I go up a hill or slight incline where I need the extra bit of power, the car actually starts to lose speed and there is NO power, as if the turbo is not boosting. I can switch gears but nothing happens. I can only drive in the first few gears but very crap, and feels like a very under-performing natural aspirated car. No warning lights nothing comes on or anything to say there is something wrong. When I switch my ignition off and on again, then everything is back to normal and the car goes like a rocket. I had this problem this morning again and it surely my me very irritated because I am in highway traffic and then my car don't want to keep up with the 120km/h stream, as soon as I hit a hill/incline, it battles to keep the speed. sometimes I switched off the ignition and on again and BOOM its back to normal.

I really need help because am no longer enjoying my car. if there is someone who can assist in regards

I will appreciate any advise on solving this issue

I stay in Tembisa.
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Re: GOLF 5 Boosting problem

Post by panic-mechanic » Thu Feb 22, 2018 1:00 pm

the first thing to do is get it on vcds and log the high pressure fuel prssure values and low pressure and see if it is supplying the requested. If not it will cut boost to save the engine from grenading.
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