Another Rant : Towing companies

Dent Doctor Boksburg has been established on the East Rand since 2001, focusing as a Level 3 Advanced Structural repairer. In August 2011, the branch was purchased by Leonard Zeiler and continues to strive for excellence.

Dent Doctor Boksburg tries to meet and exceed the standard of the group, as well as holds the firm belief that 60% of future business will come from existing customers, therefore customer satisfaction is our primary goal.
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Another Rant : Towing companies

Postby zaleonardz » Wed Oct 17, 2012 4:48 pm

A good customer of mine was involved in an accident yesterday.

His words to the tow truck driver was to take the vehicle to my shop.

The guy confirmed that the car will go straight to me.

Car ended up in a shop in Wynburg.

After a small argument, we had the vehicle delivered to me... Total towing costs... R5,586!!!!!

This is disgraceful, had they of phoned me, I would of accepted the car straight from the accident scene.

Its a frikken ripoff, and how did it end up in Wynburg.

Guys, if your in an accident, or need towing, locally in the area costs range from about R750 to about R1,400 depending on the distance. Not 6k....

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Re: Another Rant : Towing companies

Postby Torker » Thu Oct 18, 2012 7:44 am

We got burned when my wife had her accident as well, local tow truck company assured us that they deal with our insurer and towed the car to their yard. We notified the insurance about an hour later (handy tip, keep all essential telephone numbers with you) and they said they will get the car from them that same afternoon. Long story short, the towing company stonewalled the insurance for 5 days, running up a R7500 tab for the tow and storage. Insurance company only pays R2000 so we had to sh!t out R5500 to get the car back from them.

Not all towing companies are like that tho, when I had my accident in the Velo, DA Towing in Springs charged me R600 for a private tow to my house.
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