Polo playa 2002

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Dayne Sr20
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Polo playa 2002

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Hi I got a polo playa 2002 model
I got a problem with petrol guage that's doesn't work pump everything comes on what might the problem be for not reading the petrol?

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Re: Polo playa 2002

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Gauge iself could be faulty (but highly unlikely).
Wiring between gauge and sender unit in the fuel tank could be faulty.
Sender unit itself could be faulty.
Fuse maybe.
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Re: Polo playa 2002

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Hi, I have a polo playa, it doesn't want to start only cranking but when it turns the petrol comes but when I check while it's cranking it doesn't return the fuel and it has the spark, if I leave it alitlle longer it sometimes starts, what could be the problem?

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Re: Polo playa 2002

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Im sitting with the same problem on my 2002 1.6 PLAYA, it was cutting out randomly for the past few weeks then yesterday it just didnt want to start again.
I was told its my fuel pump and i went and bought a new pump including the housing and replaced it and the car started like normal and drove normally but now tonight on my way to work it cut out again then started after 10 minutes...next option will probably be replacing fuel filter and injector cleaner BUT IF ITS NOT THAT WHAT CAN IT BE!! :deadhorse:

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