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Setting Timing on a MkI...

Post by Neuk » Sun Feb 17, 2008 9:01 pm

Hi guys

Some tips and pictures from Macman:

MacMan wrote:The mark on the cam pulley is a line on the inside of the pulley (facing the battery) and at TDC this mark must be level with the bottom of the tappet cover.


The rotor must point to the mark on the side of the distributor (you will need to take the plastic cover under the rotor off to see it).


There are 2 "flat pieces" on the flywheel and the mark you are looking for will be in between these 2 "flat pieces". This mark is either a punch mark (small round hole) and / or a v-type line cut into the flywheel and this mark must be in the middle of the inspection hole on the gearbox.


This is to set the timing to TDC.


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