Modification: N/A to Turbo?

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Modification: N/A to Turbo?

Post by MeanTdi »

Thinking of modifying a naturally aspirated (N/A) engine by adding a turbo? Please read here 1st: ... 4&t=122885 ... 4&t=124430 ... 4&t=132015 ... 3&t=148031

In a nut shell:
As the saying goes 'never build what u can buy'. If I were you, sell the car, add the money you were going to use for the turbo set up and buy the car you want.
If its not your daily, it doesn't cost you anything ie. Not financed, and you just want to toy around go for it... If its your daily, you owe on it and will probably need to trade it in or sell it to buy your next car then stop your mind right there.

Otherwise DIY it, learn something and be proud of what you've achieved and have fun :-) I've done this to my mk4 2.0 and have learnt sooo much and am cuffed with the outcome so far. Also work out a budget and double it, if you can get all the parts in at around R40-45k you are on the right track and you should end up spending roughly R65k -I'm talking from personal experience and did ALOT of the work myself, you should end up with double your current power, double your current fuel consumption, half your current resale value, a new motor with forged bits and heaps of experience!
Why dont you get that setup thats advertised in speed n sound? Think it was something like R10 - 15k. check it out. Cant remember who the supplier is but i know they sell a kit for 1400 and 1600 golfs.

On another note, i had a mazda astina that i turbo'd. Small setup, bolt-on t28 turbo from a nissan 200sx, added a turbo module to the my dastec piggyback management. Small intercooler, boost pipes, dump valve, exhaust, oil catch, manifold, but standard engine. Boosted 0.4 bar and banged lekker for a couple of months but became super unreliable and eventually got a bearing knock.

so like the guys are saying, do it right the first time, its not worth the effort and frustration.

thats just my 2c.
Take that idea and throw it out the nearest window. Do it properly the first time or don't do it at all.

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