Introducing Valet Pro

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Introducing Valet Pro

Post by Djin » Fri Mar 28, 2014 12:10 pm

We would like to introduce the latest brand offering at Crazydetailer:

Introducing Valet Pro
Valet PRO are a British car care manufacturer whose products are designed to make car cleaning easier and quicker. They will prepare, protect and maintain - putting any car back into showroom conditions. Valet PRO offer great value effective products for all aspects of valeting and detailing.


Bilberry Acid Free Wheel Cleaner

Bilberry is Valet Pro's pinnacle product. Its acid free and smells great. Its one of the very few touch less wheel cleaners that do what they claim, spray on leave for 5 mins and hose off. Brake dust and road grime are dissolved with ease. There are plenty of YouTube videos demonstrating this amazing product, its worth a look. At a mere cost of R199 you will essentially get about 10 litres of wheel cleaner as Bilberry dilutes 1:10 for maintenance cleaning!

Dragons Breath Iron and Fall-Out remover


Valet Pro Dragons Breath is a iron fallout and contamination remover designed to remove stubborn brake dust and environmental fallout from wheels and paint. It thick gel like consistency allows for better dwell time allowing the product to break down iron contamination more effectively. Priced at R199 for the 500 ml it makes for excellent value.

Citrus Pre Wash


Citrus pre-wash will remove traffic film and grime without stripping your wax. Saving you time from re-waxing. Use it to remove bird droppings, and bug splatter without even touching your paintwork, reducing the chances of inducing swirl marks. Pre washing is the touch-less way of cleaning your paint before you even touch it with your wash mitt. The more contamination that is removed, the lower the risk of swirl marks! It comes in a 1L concentrate which retails for R165. This dilutes between 1:6 to 1:10 depending on your requirements, most agree that the sweet spot is around 1:8. That's 8 litres worth of Pre wash for R165 !

Click on the products above for more info and videos. I will see if I can put the vids on the thread as well. There are more products that have been included in the range from Snowfoam to detailing brushes.


Website : -
Email - [email protected]
Shop 8. WorldWear Center, Fairlands, JHB
Store Tel : 011 476 5409
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Re: Introducing Valet Pro

Post by lawrence » Sun May 18, 2014 10:47 am

So far I have only had the opportunity to test the Dragon's Breath and the Tar Remover and both are IMO great value for money products that work.

Those who attended the detailing day will I am sure agree to their effectiveness. ... 5&t=168509 ... 3&t=173530

I have also been using 2 of their boars hair detailing brushes and am loving both.
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