Oil pressure problem Citi golf 1.4i

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Oil pressure problem Citi golf 1.4i

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I have a vw citi golf 1.4i that had just gone for an engine overhaul. Since then I have been having problems with the oil (system). It is always given out a oil warning sign every time the car heats up, I tried to detect any leaks but theres non. I changed the oil filter thinking that theres some kind of blockage. When I take the car back to the mechanic, he says that the car's engine top needs to go for engineering again cause the after the car heats up, the oil tend to thicken up and loose pressure. But I thought that the problem might be on the oil pump.since I didnt change it when the engine was serviced. Please help with solutions.
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Re: Oil pressure problem Citi golf 1.4i

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Change the oil pump and check again, seeing as it was not changed.
It is about half an hours job. Hour maximum.
Drain oil, remove sump, take out old pump, fit new one, refit sump, fill with quality oil, done.
If the motor was rebuilt properly, it does not need any sort of "engineering" done to any part of it.

And find another mechanic that actually knows what they are talking about.....
Oil starts off thicker when it is cold then gets thinner as it gets hotter.
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