5 Used Performance Cars for less than R4,500 p/m

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5 Used Performance Cars for less than R4,500 p/m

Post by kingr » Tue Nov 12, 2019 3:59 pm

We pick 5 used Performance Cars from our classifieds that can be yours for under R4,500 p/m.

This monthly figure is based off below:
Max Price: R200,000
Max Finance Term: 72 Months
Max Monthly Finance Cost: R4,500
Interest Rate: +- 12%
Deposit: R0.0
Residual/Balloon Payments: R0.0
Insurance Costs: Not included

1) 2010 BMW 135i Coupe Sport AT 225kW
Price: R195,000
Mileage: 100,000km (low)

2) 2013 FORD Focus 2 2.0 EcoBoost ST3 5-dr 184kW
Price: R189,000
Mileage: 104,500km (low)

3) 2010 AUDI S5 Sportback quattro 3.0T FSI 5-dr S-Tronic 245kW
Price: R190,000
Mileage: 187,000km

4) 2011 VOLKSWAGEN Golf 6 2.0 GTI 5-dr DSG 155kW
Price: R190,000
Mileage: 198,000km

5) 2008 BMW 135i Convertible Sport AT 225kW
Price: R179,900
Mileage: 150,000km (low)
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