VW Polo 2020 Trendline AppConnect/ Mirrorlink retrofit

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VW Polo 2020 Trendline AppConnect/ Mirrorlink retrofit

Post by HaichH »

Hey Guys.

I have a 2020 Polo Trendline.

I wanted to know... I have a composition colour radio with the part number 2GA 035 869 and Hardware 715 and software version 0740.

I need to use my radio for Google Maps but I have heard that my radio is not compatible with App-Connect but I understand that Mirror link is just software and nothing related to hardware.

Is there anyone who has tried retrofitting their radios of the same type to have App-Connect or or Mirrorlink? It's just a software feature after all. If not who can I speak to probably at VW or anywhere else to get access to this feature? Or could anyone advise me on what to do?

Also, I cannot change my radio because it is linked to my ECU and cluster.
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