Jetta 3 vibration on steering wheel/rear shocks query

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Jetta 3 vibration on steering wheel/rear shocks query

Post by gregj » Tue Jan 29, 2019 11:20 am

Hi guys
Firstly just wanna say thanks for all the advice you have given me so far,saved me allot of time and money.You guys are the best.

Have a few issues with a jetta 3 i need some help with.

Problem 1:Vibration on steering wheel on a speed of 80km/h and during braking thereafter.I am suspecting the rack ends on this occasion however and will replace them asap.But any input on this issue will be apreciated.

Problem 2:Jetta 3 rear shocks
Bought another jetta 3 red in colour but the rear rhs shock needs replacement,with having bought the car however has made finances very tight in terms of expenses on parts.

Just wanted to know whether jetta 2 rear shocks will fit the jetta 3 as somebody has two new ones luying around.But before i go and get them i just wanba make sure if they would fit or whether there are other akternatives if jetta 2 shocks doesnt work.Need any input on this issue guys,will appreciate the input.

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