About us

A business run by car enthusiasts for the car enthusiast.
We offer a wide range of paint protection films to suite your budget and needs and are able to do onsite fitment to ensure the vehicle never leaves the garage.
We also offer vehicle wraps in a variety of colors and finishes, vehicle detailing and ceramic coatings, vinyl stickers, decals and branding, aftermarket accessories and performance software and hardware.
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About us

Post by KnS_Customs » Mon Jul 09, 2018 11:38 am

We would like the opportunity to re-introduce ourselves :hug:

KNS Customs, a business run by car enthusiasts catering for the car enthusiast. Established in 2015, under a different banner, relaunched as KNS Customs, we pride ourselves on offering customers quality work and products at affordable prices.
We have centred our business around a passion for motor vehicles and understanding our customers’ requirements to offer the best possible solutions through our expert knowledge.


Paint protection film (PPF):
- Paint protection films are clear or coloured polyurethane films that are applied to vehicles to protect them from scratches, dents, or swirls caused by road debris, rocks, bug droppings, and other environmental elements. We Choose Xpel TM, and here why : http://www.xpel.com/why-xpel/
Our films are pre-cut to ensure accurate fitment, reducing the need to cut/trim on the vehicles paint reducing the chance of cutting into the vehicles paint. We are also able to provide a range of films and packages to cater to the customers budget.

Vehicle wrapping (Vinyl):
- For those looking to change up the appearance of their vehicle, we offer a range of colours and finished to follow the latest trends in vehicle wrapping vinyls. From simple gloss colours to satin and chrome finishes to colour flip vinyls, we offer it all! With expert fitment you will leave feeling like you have a new vehicle. Some brands of vinyl used include (but not limited too) Vvivid, Teckwrap, 3M, KPMF and Hexis.

Paint correction detailing and Ceramic Coatings:
- General wear and tear on paint may leave you vehicle looking dull and old, riddled with swirls, stains and RIDS (Random Isolated Deep Scratches). We offer paint correction detailing which essentially level out the factory clear coat on your vehicle to get rid of these imperfections and restored the paint finish to showroom condition with extreme levels of gloss and depth. We also offer ceramic coatings to help maintain these levels of gloss on depth and aid in future cleaning of your vehicles paint.

Decals and branding:
- Your vehicle is your best marketing tool for any business. Allow us to help you turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard. We offer cut-out decals as well as printed vinyls and wraps which can be applied to your vehicle. Or maybe you would just like to personalise your vehicle with you own touches and custom decals. We got you covered!

Vehicle accessories:
- Add your touch to your vehicle to personalise it and make it stand out in the crowd. We offer a range of aftermarket body accessories to give your vehicle personality, from badges and spoilers to aftermarket wheels. Let us help you turn your vehicle into something one of a kind.

Performance hardware & software:

Our Contact details are as follows:

Tell: 011 791 5004 or you can contact us on [email protected]
KnS Customs
KnS Customs
Email: [email protected]
Tell: 011 791 5004
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