Questions and Answers – Volkswagen Guaranteed Value Choice

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Questions and Answers – Volkswagen Guaranteed Value Choice

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Questions and Answers – Volkswagen Guaranteed Value Choice

Question 1: Where does the client return the car to?
Answer: The client should ideally return the car to the originating dealer. We however cannot force the client in case he /she has changed his / her residence (e.g. from JHB to CPT). In such a case the client has the option of returning the car to a dealer of his / her choice.

Question 2: Will this product be applicable for all finance approval categories?Answer: Yes, this offer is applicable to all approval categories.

Question 3: When will other models be added to Volkswagen Guaranteed Value?
Answer: The Volkswagen Guaranteed Value program and the relevant GFV offer will be rolled out to other Volkswagen models. This will happen as per the agreement with Volkswagen South Africa.

Question 4: Is it still possible for the customer to terminate his contract early?
Answer: Yes, the customer can terminate his contract early. Please however note that the GFV option does not apply in such a case (detailed information about this is included in the GFV Addendum).

Question 5: What will be the excess charge in case the customer does additional mileage?
Answer: R 2.50 per km including VAT.

Question 6: What will be the process of reconditioning vehicles which are subject to excessive wear and tear?
Answer: The customer will be responsible for the make good costs in such cases.

Question 7 What will be the deposit options for this product?
Answer: Deposit is optional (no minimum deposit is required). It is important to note that due to the high subsidy level a higher deposit than specified in the respective scheme calculation sheets might cause a negative interest rate. In such cases deals will be rejected by the system and the deposit must be changed to an acceptable (lower) amount.

Question 8: What will be the Residual Values within the Volkswagen Guaranteed Value Program?
Answer: The residual values vary based on the vehicle derivative, mileage and term the customer has chosen. The residual values for the Polo Hatch range are included in the scheme calculation sheet as well as the GFV Matrix. Both these documents are included in the relevant scheme communication.

Question 9: Will the GFV still apply if the vehicle has been involved in an accident?
Answer: Yes, but the customer is legally obliged to inform Volkswagen Financial Services immediately.

Question 10: Will Demo Vehicles be applicable for Volkswagen Guaranteed Value?
Answer: No, Volkswagen Guaranteed Value is only available on new vehicles.
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