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RAVE - Value Your Car

Postby MaX » Fri Jul 21, 2017 8:54 am

Just a quick RAVE about Value Your Car and the entire team! There aren’t many reviews on the net available for them and this initially made me hesitant to proceed with the transaction. Fortunately, it was well worth the risk and I think these guys definitely deserve some good reviews online!

They came to view both my cars at my preferred locations. I got a response with a price for them instantly on my Jeep and within a day on my Audi. Both prices were much better than what their competition (those guys that buy cars – you know who I am talking about) offered. When we agreed on terms and prices we met up at a central point to do the paperwork, cash was transferred to settle ABSA (done at an ABSA Branch to ensure it was settled immediately!) and we went our separate ways.
As we are emigrating in August, they even allow me to drive my one car until the week before departure! This after they paid a 40% deposit on it and let me keep the registration papers for incase!!

I was blown away by their service and can recommend them to anyone looking to sell their cars at a good price without the hassle of going private. Thanks to Mark and team, job well done!

Give them a shot: www.valueyourcar.co.za
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