RAVE: Diamondworx Detailing

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RAVE: Diamondworx Detailing

Postby Cherry_Bomber_GP » Tue Feb 21, 2017 9:47 am

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Jason once again for the amazing job he did on my mk2!!

As most people know I am beyond pedantic when it comes to my car and whom I even allow to be around it :lol: . I had spoken to Jason a while back and we finally made arrangements for me to bring the car through. I left the car with him and true to his word the car was not moved one inch, he went above and beyond even doing odd jobs around the car that weren't initially discussed. Picking up the car from him looking and smelling so nice really put a smile on my face. A top notch job for a great price!

The finished product speaks for itself and even with my cars 20+year old paint the difference is day & night. If anyone needs any sort of detailing done I HIGHLY recommend the man! :hurray:

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Re: RAVE: Diamondworx Detailing

Postby herr bmw » Tue Feb 21, 2017 12:33 pm

looks good

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Re: RAVE: Diamondworx Detailing

Postby Unobeat » Wed Feb 22, 2017 7:53 am

Great work
Car looks very fresh.
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