Introduction and concern

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James Mac
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Introduction and concern

Post by James Mac »

Good evening all.

I'm James, new to the form and new to Volkswagen. First Volkswagen ever.
Need some advise please, I bought a second hand VW Amorok 2014 2.0BiTDi 132kw 4motion(Automatic) with 152000km on the clock last week.
at first I couldn't get the grin of my face driving this vehicle ,but then I took it out for a bit of a road trip today ,that's when I realized every time I put my foot down there is balls of black smoke coming out of the tail pipe and its there constantly if you accelerate hard when passing a vehicle or going up a hill. is this a serious concern, like the engine might be on his way out or a quick fix at a dealer.
I'm seriously worried as I bought the vehicle cash so I expect I'm going to have a hard time with the dealer should it be a serious issue.
Really hope someone can point me in the right direction as to what I should look at replacing or doing to get this to end.

James Mac
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Re: Introduction and concern

Post by Jetta2 »

Welcome James.

It could be the Amarok has software on it. Any diesel will have some black smoke on acceleration, but the tell tale sign of being tuned via ECU mapping or "plug n play" type boxes is more than normal amounts of black smoke on a diesel.

I suggest having the 'Rok scanned for errors as soon as possible a reputable place, and see if something is possibly wrong, because things like faulty injectors, clogged EGR valves, faulty turbos, etc can also cause more than normal amounts of black smoke on diesels.
Ryan Demoser

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James Mac
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Re: Introduction and concern

Post by James Mac »

Thanks Ryan,will definitely be taking it in tomorrow and see if they can find something
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Re: Introduction and concern

Post by J0NN0 »

Hello @James Mac and welcome to the VW Club Forum! :hi:

We all hope that you enjoy your stay here and consider the wonderful opportunity of becoming a VWCSA Member which gets you awesome vwclub merchandise and discount to our events for only R350.

Before you do, please have a look at the Forum Rules.

As well as the rules we have for Private Sales.

If you have any questions pertaining to your vehicle and not to do with Introducing yourself post it in the Technical Discussions section.

Please feel free to join in on the Events, its huge fun, and non-members are also more than welcome to join in on the action. Hope to see you at an event soon.

Now that you have introduced yourself to the forum, have a look at starting a Rides Thread and show us what you cruise the streets with. :driving:

(How to Post a Picture).

We look forward to having you on the forum, and hope to see you grow in the club, by becoming a member, and most of all, making new friends.

Cheers :hug:

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Re: Introduction and concern

Post by Neuk »

Welcome and enjoy the forum :wink:
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