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Re: VWCSA - DubRun 2k21

Posted: Thu Oct 28, 2021 8:10 am
by J0NN0
nd_s wrote: Thu Oct 28, 2021 7:57 am Maths may be bad but I count 1sleep
Depends on tape up design, Maybe no sleep. Could spend whole night putting tape.


Re: VWCSA - DubRun 2k21

Posted: Thu Oct 28, 2021 1:48 pm
by Greenz
Just an FYI for those who might be interested when heading back.There is a car show at the liberty mall in Pmb on Sunday.

Please delete if against rules.

Re: VWCSA - DubRun 2k21

Posted: Wed Nov 03, 2021 8:47 am
by MoeHS1
DubRun 2k21

The biggest VW Club event of the year has unfortunately come to an end.

In terms of attendance this was one of the smallest, yet intimate DubRuns to date. A great variety of people joined, from Mpumalanga, Gauteng, Free State, KZN and North West, so 5 out of 9 province representation is definitely not a bad turnout.

Tape up was hosted by one of our sponsors, The Glen Volkswagen, who greeted us with a taped up Polo GTI done by the staff at the Glen VW and handed over to our Chairman to drive down to Ballito with. The Tape up was the least attended we have seen to date but was still great fun, with some of our sponsors, Showtime Magazine, Autotechlight, Cum Laude Events, Hitman Performance and NF Additives coming to greet us before our great Trek.
Friday morning we all met at the Heidelberg Petroport as per our tradition where we then welcomed the attendees before departing at 6h15. The drive was amazing with no hiccups, besides one broken car seat in the Grandpa Jetta, and keeping a constant, legal speed all the way to our usual Bergview stop where our Free State buddies were waiting for us in their epic Halloween themed cars.

The Committee greeted everyone and after a quick fuel up for the people and their cars, the convoy continued as long as it could until everyone took their respective offramps to their accommodation.

The weather was all over the place but it was still fantastic. On Saturday mother nature could not decide what she wanted with drizzle coming and going throughout the day, and yet we still had committed Dubrunners taping up their cars no matter the conditions.

Awards were handed out, and boy was there a lot! The judges had a hard time deciding on who our top tapers were, with the initial plan of only having 4 winners, we decided there were just too many awesome participants the prizes were distributed into 6 categories which saw 11 Dubrunners walking home with some awesome prizes.
Sunday saw us on a very relaxing drive from Ballito Lifestyle Centre to Vovo Telo on Florida Road in Durban where there was a small enough group that we could all sit at one table.
The 3 Committee members who attended and ran the DubRun event, Mo, Chris and Jonno, had an amazing time on DubRun and hope that all attendees enjoyed it just as much! We hope to see you all on DubRun 2k22 with even bigger and better tape ups!
Here were your Dubrun Winners:
Best Halloween Theme
Welkom BMW Trio
⁃ Joker -Johnny Styger
⁃ IT – Hein van Dalen
⁃ Venom – Juaan Scheepers

Best theme
1st Place - Rothmans S3 - Grant Hendry
2nd - Haunted house Polo GT – Riley Seediah
3rd - Yellow bus caddy – Gideon Viljoen

Most commited dubber
⁃ 2 Stroke A3 – Bruce Malumane

Dedicated taper
⁃ Grandpa Jetta – Andre Viljoen

Last minute taper
⁃ Pacman – Wayne Moodley
⁃ White golf 3 – Uven Pithamber

Crowd favourite
⁃ Grandpa Jetta – Andre Viljoen

Social Media Winner
Rochelle Hendry

HMS Raffle winner
Bruce Malumane

Thank you to all our sponsors: 
NF Additives
Showtime Magazine
Retro Fitters
Huber Motorsport
The Glen VW
Elite Vehicle Sourcing
Cum Laude Events
Chris Wall Media
Hitman Performance
Time Micro SA
Diecast Dealers SA
Eastleigh Pharmacy
Till Next time! Yours in VW
The VW Club Committee.

Re: VWCSA - DubRun 2k21

Posted: Mon Nov 15, 2021 11:35 am
by J0NN0
Good day all,

Due to high demand, The VWCSA Committee has decided to do another shirt Run.

If you missed out, here is your chance to still get a shirt :

Please note, these cuts are slightly larger than normal.


Cheers :hi:


Re: VWCSA - DubRun 2k21

Posted: Mon Nov 22, 2021 6:52 am
by J0NN0
Last day for shirt orders! :hi:


Posted: Tue Nov 23, 2021 7:53 am
by marzbars
so nice