Citigolf 1.4i Revcounter not working

Mike Aitken
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Citigolf 1.4i Revcounter not working

Postby Mike Aitken » Sat Nov 18, 2017 10:36 am

Citigolf 1.4i with MP9 ECU.

Instrument cluster has been taken to Reef instruments to check revcounter - IS WORKING
Checked relay from ECU to Cluster - FINE
Tried connecting ECU pin 9 (Green) wire directly onto cluster revcounter - NO SIGNAL

The vehicle has an electronic coil, with 3 wires. I presume the green is the signal wire TO the ECU for revcounter?
Could it be that the ECU is faulty only for the revcounter?
Could the coil still be working but not sending signal back to ECU?

Any guidance would be HIGHLY appreciated!!

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