Side skirt and fender flare instal

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Side skirt and fender flare instal

Postby Imotions » Thu Nov 16, 2017 11:59 am

Hi guys
I think my questions are related to this section if not please move to correct section
Basically i have a Jetta 2
I have fender flares and side skirts which was supposed to be fitted to a golf mk2
I don't have the side skirt retainer clip
1. What can i use to fit it .. pop rivets silicone 3m tape( where can i get 3m from) self tap screws by the Jack points?
2. The fender flares i can rivet on the fender lip and then do i stick the rest of the flare onto the body?
3. Do i fit flares first then skirts?
4. Easier but more costly option who can i take it to that can do it but won't damage my wallet pocket and bank
I really want to fit them and give the car a slight 40mm drop in front and maybe flare the rear fenders a bit and add other springs maybe so it doesn't rub when i load luggage and will be a tad stiff over bumps
Any help or recommendations is appreciatedImageImage

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